Transform your video from cost to profit



Video and page interaction

Your videos can now interact with your website, enabling you to create fully interactive viewing experience for your customers.


Buy what you see

Guide your video viewers where to buy the products in your video.


See what you buy

Shoppers can view clips of the product they are about to buy before entering the checkout, boosting consumer confidence.

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How Can Tagzbox Benefit Your Business?

Increase Conversions

Tagzbox offers a number of solutions for your video content, transforming videos into a revenue stream by enabling visitors to “buy what they see”.

Generate Leads

Generate interactive videos that engage with your audience and capture the details of interested prospects.

Increase Awareness

With Tagzbox you can now create syndicated interactive video campaigns boosting the effectiveness of your brand awareness or advertising campaigns.

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About us

Amir Zucker

Founder & CEO

Amir is a SAAS veteran with over a decade of R&D experience building large scale, Enterprise grade SAAS platforms serving billions of people world wide. Prior to TagzBox, Amir played numerous key R&D roles at Liveperson. Amir holds a BSC in Computer science and mathematics. In his spare time, Amir enjoys playing chess and hiking.

amir zucker

Richard Grey

Co-founder & COO

Richard spent the last 12 years at LivePerson where he played a key role in helping shape their successful enterprise product. Richard went on to head up a number of different sales, service and partner organisations. Prior to that he studied engineering in the UK and spends his spare time at the beach or hiking with his family.

richard grey

Dor Bar-Shalom

Co-founder & UX/Design

Dor is an experienced web and UX designer. Dor started his career in the advertising industry, working on large campaigns from the creative stage to the final execution. Later, Dor specialized in constructing CMS based websites and responsive web design. Out of the office, Dor is a pianist and composer.

dor bar shalom


What can I do with TagzBox?

You can use TagzBox to lead your video viewers to fullfill your business goals. Use Tagzbox on your site to:

  • Create a user friendly and intuitive experience for your video viewers
  • Increase conversions by showcasing the products on display in your videos
  • Capture leads from your video viewers using tagzbox Mail-Me button.
  • Re-target viewers who have shown interest in specific products
  • Keep people engaged on your site for longer
  • Supplement your video "How to guides" with links to supporting articles / documentation
  • Make answers easier to find by bookmarking common topics in your video content
  • Connect with your audience by integrating chat/click to call with your video content
  • Turn existing video content into an interactive research tool for visitors
Which account type should I use?
TagzBox support different type of businesses. Use the following guideline to decide which account is most suitable for you:
If you would like to explore TagzBox and see what it can do for you, open a free account. You can always upgrade at a later phase.
If you have a content web site, and you wish to monetize your video content by referring traffic to affiliates web sites, we suggest the business plan.
If you have special requirements for customization or integration with other services, contact us and we'll help you register a marketing account.
Will TagzBox affect the load time of my site or videos?
We know how much you care about optimizing your web site, and therefore built a solution that will not affect the load time of your web site or videos. TagzBox solution is loaded asynchroniously to ensure your visitors experinece will not be affected. Even in the rare event of downtime of TagzBox service, your website will still load with no errors.
What video players are supported?
TagzBox can integrate with the most popular video players available in the market today. Supported players are YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, JWPlayer and BrightCove. With any of these players tags that you add to your video will show in sync to the video. Do you use another player? Let us know via chat or contact form below, and we will try to help.
Will TagzBox override my site content?
TagzBox is dynamically added to appear on any side of your video (bottom, right, left, top). You can decide per video where would be the most adequete position so it will not interfere with your site content.
Will I have to use a different video player than the one I currently use?
TagzBox is designed to work with the most popular video players in the market. You are not required to change the player that you are using or adjust your videos in any way.
Can TagzBox match the look and feel of my web site?
TagzBox can be customized to meet your web design guidelines. You can use TagzBox on-site admin widget to choose the color scheme of TagzBox. You can either choose one of our preset color schemes, or create one of your own.
Do I have to download anything? How do I use TagzBox?
In order to use TagzBox you don't have to download any software. Once you register we will guide you through the process of deploying TagzBox. After that you can manage your tags and videos by logging into TagzBox admin console from the upper right corner of this page.
I still have more questions. Where do I find answers?
You can visit TagzBox knowledge base to find detailed answers to your questions. We are also always happy to talk to our customers. Feel free to use the chat or contact form available below in this page.

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